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                Safety Updates for Classic Cars

                February 28, 2020
                By: Discovery

                Photo By: Tomasz Zajda

                Photo By: tzahiV

                Photo By: Richard Drury

                Photo By: Katja Kircher

                Photo By: Jack Adams


                Taking a night time drive in your classic car can be made safer by updating your car's headlights.

                Backup Camera

                The most modern of the list, this option is a safety measure required in most cars manufactured today. Make this update and feel safe backing out of your driveway.


                Talk to your mechanic about your brake options. Brakes are an easy way to make your new vintage car just a little bit safer.

                Seat Belts

                Though standard in most older cars, even some vintage classics, a seatbelt update can insure safety for you and your passengers.


                Investing in new performance tires for your classic car will help your it handle a variety of road conditions safely.

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